The core of agricultural activity of Willowthorne is focused on mushrooms, honey, small farm animals such as chickens and ducks, garden produce, fruit and berry trees and fish. Our chickens and ducks are fed only organic feed supplemented with greens from our garden and live cage free. Our gardens, fruit trees and berry bushes are completely free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

Our hospitality initiatives are currently focused on hosting private events, and can include events such as health and wellness retreats, group camping weekend getaways and small-scale gatherings. We also facilitate educational opportunities, with outreach to schools and corporate groups, with lectures and classes available for a rental fee. 

Our concept of 'cultural ag' is to engage in sustainable farming practices while exploring food and drink as an art form, and cultivating relationships with artists, photographers, musicians and visitors in a spirit of sharing and collaboration. At Willowthorne, agriculturalists, chefs, mixologists and artists can experiment in their medium, collaborating with each other and with visitors, blurring the boundaries between master and guest; between food, drink and art. 

Our farm's beautiful landscape provides a beautiful backdrop to offer services in photography covering engagement sessions, family and pup portraits and lifestyle portraits by Gosia Photography

​Projects underway for 2022 include cultivated mushrooms, an expanded Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) and work exchange and mentorship programs.