You Pick hours for 2019 will be announced late June

Our picking season is typically the first three weeks of July, with the first week being the best. 

Blueberries are $2.50/pound

Blueberry U-Pick

​​​​Free Parking

Picking buckets provided, must bring own container for taking home.

Spend an afternoon picking your own blueberries and enjoying the outdoors.

Mini farmers’ market on premise includes fresh eggs, produce, garden art and handcrafted items.

Unfortunately we will not be offering pre-picked berries. 
Catch-and-release fishing allowed on our two-acre pond during business hours.

We are located in the south suburbs of Chicago just 35 minutes from downtown Chicago. 94 south to Danville, then south on 394, east on Glenwood Dyer Road.

Dogs welcome, kids on leashes welcome. Oh wait, other way around. 


You will check in, review the rules and sign a waiver.

You will be assigned rows to pick. Please be courteous to each other and stay in your designated area. 

If you are caught ripping out whole branches or destroying bushes, you will turn in your berries and be asked to leave.

It is important to CLEAN YOUR BUSH. You don't have to put overripe or damaged berries in your bucket but please don't leave them on the bush - it encourages birds to come and they can decimate a crop overnight.

This is Willowthorne. There are willows and there are thorns. Dress appropriately. Be aware of where you are stepping as there are raspberry and rose bushes everywhere. Be aware of wild animals including raccoons, skunks, snakes and coyotes. Do not provoke or run after them.

Blueberries are the only produce available for the You-Pick. You MAY NOT pick, forage or eat any other produce. 

BE AWARE that there are poisonous berries growing wild. DO NOT PICK OR EAT.

There is a port-o-john for your use on the property. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY YOU OR YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS URINATE, DEFECATE OR CHANGE DIAPERS ANYWHERE OTHER THAN THE PORT-O-POTTY. If you are caught, or if you leave dirty diapers anywhere on the grounds, you will turn in your berries and be asked to leave. You WILL NOT be given permission to return. Ever. 



Catch and release fishing is allowed for guests purchasing items or picking. NO SWIMMING, WADING OR BOATING ALLOWED. 

Use designated containers to dispose of trash.

Catch and release fishing is allowed for guests purchasing berries or produce. BYO equipment. NO SWIMMING, WADING OR BOATING ALLOWED.

Blueberry Season Has Come To An End