Welcome to the coop!

This blog is intended mainly for the use of its owner (me, Jill) so that I can remember all the stupid amateur things I thought and did and mistakes I made along this sojourn into poultry care.  Also our successes.  I hope that it provides a small measure of entertainment for people who want to see what we’re up to, and how the urban chicken experiment is progressing.

The goal here has always been to eat eggs, breed for desirable characteristics, eat some chicken and maybe sell some good looking-birds to others.  We aim for both purebreds and sturdy cross-breeds.  What we didn’t know was how in love we would be with raising chickens.  A man once told me it was a “disease”.  I’m very happy to have come down with it.

We love feedback from our visitors.  Let us know what you think!

Avondale chicks